RPC crates

The most advanced solution for packing, storing and displaying goods ready for sale. It facilitates manipulation in the supply of shops, crates and baskets are mutually compatible. It speeds up and simplifies landing in the store, does not require a hard documenting of goods, just replace the empty box full.
Minimizes desk proofing and sales costs, increases sales, elegant logistics, cost savings on the way back to the supplier through folding and stacking. The units are durable, easy to clean, multi-usable, fully stackable (in-one) and retractable (to themselves) ... and more benefits.

The use of crates and the whole system will reward you with great savings on disposable packaging materials, reducing the cost of documenting goods by up to 60%. The goods are more visible and easier to access, resulting in increased sales.
Products are better protected, which means fewer damaged and unsold items. You know how to make the goods look more attractive due to their attractive wood look and you can make them better advertising. Also, by incorporating the box system, it makes it possible to use the space in the truck more efficiently, speeding up work in the distribution center. To make it more environmentally friendly, consider the rental offer.

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